As an alternative to litigation, mediation can be an effective and less costly means of resolving a legal dispute. Our firm has deep experience in general mediation and in domestic relations and personal injury cases, and can providing counseling on a wide range of conflict areas.

Certified to mediate in the state of Georgia, we are often called upon by other attorneys to provide alternative dispute resolution services for their clients. Our extensive trial experience as litigators helps us evaluate case from all sides, and we understand the diverse challenges facing families and individuals when entering mediation, and can facilitate meaningful negiotiation and develop agreements that effectively address each party’s interest.

Where mediation is a desired option to litigation, clients need knowledgeable and impartial mediators who will evaluate all facets of a case and help all parties come to mutually agreeable terms or settlements. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to help individuals reach resolutions to their conflict that will save money, minimize the emotional toll and bring satisfactory outcomes for all involved.

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